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Club 94; Chilli & Clove Twist by @doctorofalcohol

Mocktail recipe by @doctorofalcohol with Seedlip drinks & Holy Lama Spice Drops for our Mocktail Master contest. Try it for yourself at home!

Prep time: 10 Minutes
Moderately Easy
Serves 1
Blend 1 Blanco (White);

  • 80ml @seedlipdrinks Spice 94 

  • 50ml Homemade clove syrup (mix 1:1 ratio sugar to water & steep with cloves for 12 hours before straining out).

  • 20ml Agave syrup.

  • 3 tbsp of vanilla ice cream.


Blend 2 Rojo (Red);

  • 80ml Lyres Spirit Co Non-alcoholic Rosso vermouth.

  • 50ml Bristol Syrup Co Strawberry shrub flavour syrup.

  • 3 diced strawberries.

  • 3 tbsp strawberry ice cream.

  • 3 drops Red chilli Spice Drops.

Garnish: Lemon wheel & strawberry fan
  1. Blend all ingredients for each base together in a blender (each base blended separately) until smooth.
  2. Pour blended drinks in the same glass, alternating between layers.
  3. Garnish with the lemon wheel & strawberry fan.
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