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Spice Drops

Fair Trade

We are built on the 10 principles of Fair Trade in our supply chain and factory. Our factory is a women’s enterprise making a lasting difference to the lives of disadvantaged women in Kerala.

Three years shelf-life

Say goodbye to stale spices and flavourless Powders. Spice Drops stay consistently fresh, for up to three years from manufacturing. Reduce Wastage!

Simple & versatile

No prep, no mess, it's as simple as adding a few drops to your bake, drink or dish! And the require very less storage space!


Spice Drops are Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-Free, Oxalate-Free, Alcohol-free and never tested on animals.


Customer Testimonials

“Stop what you’re doing folks! Got to tell you about these Spice Drops from @holylamanaturals. They make dried ground spices seem so fusty and dusty by comparison. Am bowled over!”

Nigella Lawson | Food Writer & Chef

"These drops present us with a wonderfully simple and flexible way to blend spices and create flavours."

Cyrus Todiwala | TV Chef and owner of lanmark London restaurant

"We made the decision very quickly as Holy Lama Naturals Yogi Soap was a clear winner. I was especially impressed by its eco-friendly packaging and also by the extremely high quality natural ingredients that go in it."

Ailish Lucas | Influencer of The Glow Getter

“I love the orange Spice Drops and they are amazing when you want flavour without orange rinds affecting texture (e.g for creme pate!)”

Kim Joy | GBBO 2019 Finalist

“Spice Drops are a super innovation. I love that ‘just picked’ taste and the way you can mix and blend without any of the traditional prep involved such as grinding or scraping. It gives me more time to play around with spice flavours. There will always be a place in my kitchen for fresh spices – but there’s also space for these drops, too.”

Antony Worrall Thompson | Chef

“This has a fantastic saffron flavour.”

Tom Kerridge | Two Michelin starred chef

How Are Spice Drops Made?

The spices are first cold-pressed using rollers – crushing them in a non-heat generating manner ensures that the vibrant flavours are preserved. The crushed spices are then passed through an extraction vessel where the ethyl acetate (the solvent) is percolated in order to obtain the maximum volume of spice extract. The extracts are passed through a de-solventiser, where the solvent is removed using vacuum suction so as not to adversely affect the flavours. All that remains at this stage is the highly-concentrated oleoresin (oil + resin). Based on years of in-house research, we have developed the optimum concentration of Spice Drops®. Accordingly, the oleoresin is mixed with emulsifier polysorbate 80 to yield the final product in the desired ratio suitable for culinary use.

Working With Local Farmers

Mostof the spices and herbs are obtained from local farms in India. These farms are monitored by the Spices Board of India, ensuring they adhere to quality regulations. The field officers pay regular visits to the farmers, guiding them on best practices.

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How Much Spice Drops Do I Use?

View our Spice Drops comparative ratio chart to create your own perfect recipes.