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The Ultimate 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to this Christmas’s ultimate gift guide, the countdown is officially on! We know how tough choosing presents for everyone is, so this year we’ve done the hard work for you! Explore our handpicked gifts – whether you’re looking for gifts for your mum, sister, partner or a good Secret Santa present, we bet you’ll find something wonderful on our list. 

Gifts for Chocolate lovers

What’s Christmas without good chocolate? We all know someone who can’t resist its rich, indulgent delights (we might secretly be that person too…), and for them, there’s not much that can beat unwrapping chocolate on Christmas day. Whether you’re looking for a small chocolatey morsel or something grander, these gifts will have all your choco-gift-needs covered.


The Salted Caramel Collection – £16.99.
For ALL fans of Salted Caramel – here’s a gift box crammed with deliciousness. Including Cocopzazz’s best Selling Salted Caramel Chocolate and Fudge together with gorgeous Salted Caramel Gourmet Popcorn from Joe and Seph’s PLUS our favourite Sticky Toffee Sauce from our friends at Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company. This is the perfect sweet treat for your chocolate loving friends!


Lucocoa Cosy Collection set with a chocolate scented candle – £24.
This Christmas Collection from London’s first craft chocolate masker is bound to put a massive smile on any chocolate lover’s face.


Lucocoa Gianduja (Hazelnut butter) bites – £5.50.
A no-brainer for a chocolate gift this Christmas, these delicious bites are refined-sugar free and absolutely scrumptious.


The Mindful Cook Chocolate Making Course & Kit – £47.
Make your own nutritious and delicious chocolate with this gorgeous chocolate making course and kit. The kit comes with top quality, ethically sourced ingredients, the perfect utensils to create beautiful chocolates, and access to a video tutorial.


Brik Vanilla Dome – £7.90.
The original, one of a kind vanilla chocolate dome. You can bet whoever you get this, they won’t have tried anything like it.

Gifts for Foodies

Who’s the foodie in your family? If you’re on the hunt for a food-inspired Christmas present, it can be tough to get it just right. But with this selection of presents, you’ll be the favourite at Christmas.


Gold Elephant Lacquered Coconut Shell Bowls – £12.
Made from real coconut shells, these gorgeous bowls are a sight to behold. A shaped and hollowed out coconut shell, polished to a smooth finish, treated with coloured lacquer and decorated with a gold elephant design.


Mango Salad Spoon Set – £15.
The perfect accessory to any bowl collection, this serving spoon set is handmade and fairtrade. Any foodie will adore these!


The Spice Drops® Christmas Collection – £19. 
A fantastic set of festive spices in a lovely gift box. Create fabulous Christmas bakes, food and drinks with these carefully chosen spice extracts.


Starter Spices Collection + Spice Rack – £47.
A selection of 9 of our top sellers – use them to create amazing food and drink recipes. The pack of 9 Spice Drops® comes with a lovely handmade wooden spice rack to store them in.


Dizzy Bee Kitchen Granola 
never have a bland breakfast again. These totally moreish granolas are a super-tasty treat worth getting out of bed for.


Edinburgh Honey Co Gift Set – £39.99. 
A fabulous collection of their most popular types of honey so any, even the pickiest person, will find honey they love.


Luxury Festive Hamper – £50.
This superb hamper comes prepared in a 12″ white Wicker Basket. This selection includes: Boxing Day Curry Sauce (perfect for the Christmas leftovers), 3 Cheeses, 3 Chutneys, Mulling Spices Spice Drops® (award-winning spice drops makes mulled wine, mulled cider and even mulled apple juice truly instant)


Lavolio Minature 5 Luxury Gift Set – £28.
You’ll experience every single one of their delicious 30 flavours with this luxurious assortment of Lavolio’s miniature confectionery. Presented in a beautiful gift-wrap with hand-tied Lavolio ribbon. This is the perfect present to bring to a dinner party.


Ann’s Smart School of Cookery Online Cooking Class – £12.99 / month.
Learn how to cook the most amazing meals and enjoy an intimate dining and learning experience with the BBC Masterchef contestant Ann Hood.


Nibble Protein Bites (12 pack) – £16. 
Healthy never tasted this naughty. Treat someone to these yummy brownies. They’re a source of protein and fibre, super low in sugar and amazingly tasty!


Single Veriety Co Top Selection Set – £40.
A delicious selection of their top selling products- something for everyone, whether it be spicy, fruity or exotic!


Cheeky Food Co Indian Chutney Gift Set – £20.
Do you know a chutney lover who is always on the lookout for new exciting flavours?
This is the ultimate chutney gift set for your special foodie family and friends.

Gifts for the Tea & Coffee obsessed

Ozerlatt Traditional Turkish Coffee – from £3.00.
They’ve been making and selling gourmet Turkish coffee for just under 100 years, and you can taste it. This would be perfect for any coffee lover.


Warm spice, with bright notes and a comforting spiced, lingered finish – the perfect at-home experience for any tea lover.


Ozerlatt Turkish coffee and Spice Drops® Gift Set – £20.
For those who are in search of an innovative coffee experience, taste the rich flavour of Turkish coffee combined with Cardamom or Cinnamon Holy Lama Spice Drops®.


Holy Lama Tea Spices Gift collection – £19.
Mint or lemongrass tea or a chai latte can be made in a matter of seconds with these wonderful Spice Drops®. Spice up tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even add a few drops to hot water to enjoy a bag-less, caffeine-free tea.

Gifts for Cocktail lovers

The Spice Drops® Cocktail Collection – £19.
Bring the bar home and mix your own cocktails with this collection of Spice Drops®. Every cocktail lover will love these amazing combinations and unique flavours. Their next cocktail is just a few drops away!


Maharani Gin – £44.95.
Maharani gin is zested with pomelo, and uniquely spiced with cassia and nutmeg mace, all sourced from an organic farming co-operative in Kerala, India (where Holy Lama originates from!).


Holy Lama Mulling Spices –  £5.
Transform the Christmas drink menu by makes mulled wine, mulled cider and even mulled apple juice truly instant. Who doesn’t love the cosy taste of mulled wine over the festive period?


Sip & Co Cocktail kit – from £11.
Check out these fantastic kits to make all the favourite cocktails from the comfort of the home! Spice up someone’s night with one of these kits (they serve 2 cocktails, so you might get one too!).

Gifts for the all-natural queens

Face Boon (4-In-1 Face Care Gift Set) – £10.
This four-step, all-in-one facial care gift set, is the perfect present for those who love natural skincare products. Treat your mum, sister or partner to one of these and you’ll be the star this Christmas!


Hair Care Gift Set-Pack of 4 Products (Hair Boon) – £10.
Know someone who loves their luscious locks? This set is packed in a handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable travel case made with fallen, dried coconut palm leaves.


Luxury Bath Pack (Luxbath) – £15.
All the pampering essentials anyone needs this Christmas. Give someone the indulgence of a truly luxury bath.


Skin Care Gift Set (Body Boon) – £10.
This body and Skin Care Gift Set is an introduction to four of Holy Lama’s most popular products – and for good reason!


Massage Oil Gift Set (Pack of 4 Massage Oils) – £12.
These unique blends of oils can be used for massage or as everyday body oils. Combining sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil with other essential oils, who can resist?


Something for the Yoga & Ayurveda lovers

Handmade Yogi Soap (Neem & Tulsi) – £5.
Calling all Yogis! Made with virgin coconut oil and a unique blend of essential oils that will awaken your senses. Each soap is beautifully packed in a handmade shell made from the leaf of areca palm tree. The Yogi soap benefits from the unique properties of Ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals – neem and tulsi.


Warrior Yoga Matt – £25.
Treat someone this Christmas with this thick, grippy matt to take their practice to the next level!


Jasmine Hemsley Tounge Tingler – £10.
Know someone who’s into Ayurveda? This nifty little tool will definitely be on their list. It will make your mouth happier and healthier, which is also key to a happy and healthy gut, and ultimately a happy and healthy you!


Copper H20 Water bottle – £29.12
For centuries Yogis have enjoyed water from Copper vessles. This beautiful and unique water bottle is made of pure hammered copper. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality.


Secret Santa & Stocking fillers

Sakana Tote Bag – £25.
This stylish roomy totes are a perfect companion for work, weekly shopping trips and makes traveling in style effortless. Ideal for your fashionble friend!


Reusable Fair Trade Face Mask Covering (other styles available!) – £8.
These double-layered cotton masks are designed to offer an eco-friendly alternative to single use masks. Made using fabric from the traditional Khmer scarves.


Vetivert Skin Polisher (Natural Scrubber from Vetivert Roots) – £3.
Give well this year with this eco-friendly and natural skin polisher or scrubber made from vetivert roots!


Handmade Soaps (Assortment of 4 Soaps) – £18.
Handmade, natural soaps – what’s not to like? Including the Yogi Soap (with tulsi and neem), Curcuma Soap (with turmeric), Rainforest Soap (with vetivert) and Kewra Soap (oriental floral scent). These soaps make a wonderful, natural and sustainable gift for a special someone.


Simple Spice Vegetarian: Easy Indian vegetarian recipie book – £18.99.
Indian food offers a huge choice of naturally vegetarian and vegan dishes. In this new collection, Cyrus Todiwala serves up easy, full-flavoured recipes for everything from breakfast and brunch to simple suppers, from warming soups to veg-packed curries and daals. Perfect for anyone wanting to up their cooking game!


Vegan Stocking Filler: Sprinkle Pouch Gift Set – £13.
Looking for a Vegan stocking filler for family and friends this Christmas? Bring a smile to their face with this cute “Wishing you a Spicy Christmas” gift set of four spicy, seeds and nuts sprinkles.


Bamboo socks – £6.25.
Who doesn’t need socks? Especially these sustainable breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal socks to keep feet (and the planet) happy and healthy!


Val Stones: The Cake Whisperer cook book – £12.95.
In this collection of 52 tried and tested recipes, Val Stones, star of the Great British Bake Off in 2016, shares the best way to bake cakes, biscuits, pies and bread.


Have a Merry Christmas!

We hope you found some good gifts in our Ultimate Christmas Gift guide, we certainly will be using it… Have a very happy Christmas!

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