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We’re About Zero Waste All Year Round!

It’s Zero Waste Week from September 4th – 10th, but we believe the world should be about zero waste every day of the year. That’s why Holy Lama is proud to be a 100% recyclable and low waste company. Zero Waste Week urges us all to live in a more sustainable way, wasting less (with an aim to waste nothing) and recycling more.

We can, and must, all endeavour to make changes to the way we live, but sometimes it’s the little things that can add up to something that makes a larger, genuinely positive, impact.  One small change would be to swap out the raw and dried herbs and spices in your cooking and adopt Holy Lama Spice Drops® instead.

With Spice Drops, there’s no preparation needed; no peeling, grating, grinding or chopping and best of all, no waste or leftover product to dump into your bins! Our award-winning, vegan products not only cut the faff but cut the waste too!  

Holy Lama Spice Drops® also retain their fresh taste for up to three years after opening, compared to dried herbs and spices that lose their flavour quickly. Often, they are stored for years in cupboards across the country, just to be thrown away after discovering their flavour is long-gone. A report WRAP stated that in the UK alone, around 10,000 tonnes of herbs and spices were thrown away every year, costing £150million in terms of avoidable waste! 

Start reducing food waste today with our Spice Drops.

Looking after the environment and looking after our own bodies should go hand in hand, so you’ll be happy to know that next time you’re pampering yourself with our natural soaps, the products you’re using have minimal environmental damage and are even giving disadvantaged women in Kerala opportunities to earn a fair wage, helping us achieve overall sustainability in the world. 

Did you know, not a single part of coconut goes to waste when we create our soaps and packaging? From the shell, the oils inside, all the way to the leaves – everything is repurposed! Check out the sustainable life cycle of our Holy Lama Yogi Soap below!

There is always more that we as individuals can do to help reduce waste and live more consciously with our planet and people in mind. Holy Lama is always looking for ways to improve sustainability, and we hope we can lead us all to a more sustainable world. 

Share with us your Zero Waste tips and tricks over on our Instagram by popping us a message, and we’ll re-share it to our stories because zero waste should be a priority every day of the year. 

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