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The Spice Drops® Easter Menu

This year, the dates for Palm Sunday and Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors, coincided. As we’ve now celebrated the Vernal Equinox and the ‘official’ beginning of spring, Easter is just a week away – so we’ve reflected on what we could share with you that would make the perfect Spice Drops® Easter menu.

We all have our own traditions and expectations for the Easter weekend, but, if you fancy a little twist to your normal choices, here are a few ideas…

All things cinnamon

One of the key flavors of Easter, you’ll find cinnamon in Simnel cakes, hot cross buns, and all sorts of other bakes and delicious treats.

It’s very easy to replace the ground spice with a drop or two of Cinnamon Spice-drops® – and, if the weather decides that it isn’t actually spring and goes cold (again), a drop in a hot chocolate lends a lovely depth of flavor.

You can buy them online (just search our web shop), or add a bottle into your Ocado order.

Good Friday Fish

Traditionally, meat is avoided on Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday).

If you’ve got the kids at home, these fish cutlets  (or fishcakes) are really easy to make and everyone can get involved in creating them. If the idea of a chutney doesn’t appeal, try serving them with noodles mixed with soy sauce and stir-fried vegetables, adding a drop each of our Lemongrass, Ginger and Garlic Spice Drops® for added flavor… maybe even some Chilli).

Easter Sunday

With the kids hoping that they’re going to be able to eat their own body weight in chocolate (Fairtrade, obviously, but it’s still not going to happen!), there are plenty of family traditions relating to what the main course for the main Easter meal will be – whether it’s roast lamb, a whole salmon, roast chicken, or something else entirely.

Our website features lots of recipes  covering main courses, sides, and starters;like these smoked salmon blinis (click on the picture for the recipe)

There are also plenty of ideas for cakes and puddings – like this mango dessert, which can be prepared in advance and chilled.move recipe page link to this word.

Easter Monday

If the weather is nice on Easter Monday, our main focus is to get out of the house and do something other than eat.  If it’s miserable, it’ll be time for the sofa and a good film.

This carrot and cumin soup with ginger is one of our favorite lunches – whether packed in a flask or eaten out of mugs at home, with naan or bread for dunking either way. .   By using Spice Drops®we make a mild batch of soup (that the kids like), then add extra spice for us.

Whatever you’re up to this Easter, we hope you have a wonderful time.  If you’re cooking up a feast and use Spice Drops®, please do share pictures of what you’ve made (and tell us what products you’ve used!) on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

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