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Natural Handmade Soap

Everything you need to know about natural, handmade soaps - which we sell as our most popular body care products!

Hand-made soap is technically glycerin soap – very different from industrial soap. In the hand-made soap process, an excess of fat is used to consume alkalis, and the glycerin isn’t harvested out. This super-fatted soap is more skin-friendly than industrial soap.

Natural soaps use vegetable oil fats – just like our coconut oil soap. Why coconut oil? If you fly over Kerala, where our soaps are made, you will see that the state is covered with coconut palms. It’s here that our soaps are cold hand-pressed by the women in our factory – a Government-recognized manufacturing unit where we employ disadvantaged women from the local community.

When you buy a soap from Holy Lama Naturals, you get a vegan, natural, handmade, ethical soap that’s never tested on animals. The cherry on the cake? It comes presented in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging made from the bark of an areca palm. They make lovely gifts… if you can bear to part with them!

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