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How Do Spice Drops Reduce Food Waste?

Food waste has become a bad habit for many individuals around the world - find out how our Spice Drops can help reduce food waste.

Food waste has become a bad habit for many individuals around the world, whether it is from overspending on groceries, letting produce go bad at home, or ordering more than we can eat. Not only have we all contributed to household food waste at one point or another, many companies and food establishments over produce and waste enormous amounts of food.

Sadly, such practices harm the ecosystem and put a huge strain on natural resources. When we throw away food, we throw away the time, money, and resources that went into its production, as well as the resources used in its transit and processing. Simply put, food waste raises greenhouse gas emissions and plays a big role in climate change.

As well as negatively affecting the environment, tonnes of edible food is being wasted when millions of people are in food poverty, making the reduction on food loss and waste even more crucial. We understand that reducing or even eliminating food waste won't directly stop millions of people going hungry, we at Holy Lama believe there is a more efficient way to run our food system, and that it is up to us to alter our behaviours to sort out this serious problem!

Our strong dedication to nature and its wonderful flavours is one of the reasons we created Spice Drops. Besides adding delicious flavours to your food and drink, they are also a great alternative to conventional spice and seasonings. In this article, we will show you how using Spice Drops can be a step towards food waste reduction.

Real Quality

Spices are widely accessible nowadays, with most supermarkets supplying a large variety of herbs and spices from around the world to satisfy cooks from all walks of life. While this accessibility is very convenient, it also means that a lot of these herbs and spices may be cheap and of lower quality. This is a problem because no one wants to use subpar ingredients, and this will most likely lead to these ingredients being thrown away. To avoid the disappointment of a dish ruined by bad spices or throwing low quality spices away, you can instead use Spice Drop. 

Our Spice Drops are produced using only high quality, natural ingredients to create a rich and flavoursome product that you will want to use again and again. They are easy to store and highly concentrated with all the aroma and character of your favourite spices, so you never have to spend time and money to find the right ingredients again.

A Product That Lasts

If you're familiar with traditional ground spices, you'll know just how quickly they can lose their flavour or go bad. There's nothing worse than curating the perfect selection of spices, only for them to almost immediately be rendered useless, and having to throw it all away. Spice Drops are the perfect way to avoid this problem - they last for up to three years, giving you as much time as you need to let your culinary genius run free without having to worry that your ingredients will get in the way of a delicious dish.

An Ethical Production

Waste is something we care about at every stage of the creation of Spice Drops. Our factory creates less than 1% waste throughout the entire production process, and all waste is turned into fuel or animal fodder, making our carbon footprint is tiny! We really care about the environment, so we ensure that our products have a sustainable life cycle. In addition to employing natural components in our goods, we also use environmentally friendly, sustainable business procedures.

Come and check our Spice Drops to begin your journey towards a more respectful, less wasteful and more delicious world!

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