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Turmeric Natural Extract

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Turmeric (Root Extract) Spice Drops® add colour and flavour to all kinds of dishes. Turmeric Extract is also the principal source of curcumin, which has proven anti-oxidant properties and is highly regarded in Ayurveda. Our extraction method ensures that all the taste and health benefits of the raw spice are retained.

Spice Drops® are high strength extracts that retain all the natural goodness and authentic taste of the herbs, fruits and flowers.


World Food Innovation Awards winner 2015 for best new ingredient.


Turmeric Batter: 100g self-raising flour, 60ml water, 8 drops Turmeric Spice Drops®, salt and black pepper. Whisk together all the ingredients in a bowl until smooth. Coat onion rings, small florets of cauliflower, and button mushrooms before shallow frying in hot oil.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For best results, use it in the final stages of preparation or just before serving. For drinks, add the drop(s) first in the container and pour the drink on top. Shake well before use. If stored correctly, stays fresh for up to 3 years shelf from the manufacturing date. We guarantee at least 6 months shelf life on all our products.

Spice Drops® mix easily with your chosen food and drink. We match the proportion of emulsifier to each high strength spice extract. Water-soluble. Fat-soluble. Emulsifier is derived from plants.


RATIO: 2 drops = ½ tsp ground turmeric


Our sustainable business model is founded on long term relationships with local farmers in the land of coconuts, spices & herbs – Kerala, India. Over 80% of our workforce is women, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds. We recycle and use by-products, resulting in an impressively low level of waste.


Emulsifier – polysorbate 80 and turmeric root extract (25%).


•Dosha Karma – Impact on Doshas
Pacifies kapha and pitta.

•Dhathu Karma – Impact on Body
Nourishes rasa and rakta dhathu- improves skin colour. beneficial to rakta dhathu- improves skin complexion, clear skin disorders.

•Therapeutic Uses of the Spice or Herb in Ayurvedic Medicine

Used to detoxify the body. Used in common cold, cough, asthma, anorexia, itching, skin diseases, diuresis, diabetes, worm infestation. Used in wound healing.

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