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The Ultimate Self-Care Holy Lama Gift Guide

Need some help finding the right self-care products to gift to your loved ones this Christmas? Check out our Ultimate Self-Care Gift Guide!

Christmas is such a wonderful time with all the lights, decorations, cosy scents and festive magic. Unfortunately, with all the Christmas fun also comes the laboriousness of Christmas shopping. We know it can be really difficult to find the right present for all of your loved ones. 

Today, we will help you find the perfect pressies for the skin care lover, Ayurveda fan or pampering fanatic in your life. So keep reading to learn about the luxurious, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, SLS-free, handmade, natural and affordable gift ideas that Holy Lama offer.

Hair Care Gift Set

Holy Lama - Hair Care Gift Set

We all know someone who takes great pride in their beautiful and luscious hair. They may spend a lot of time and money on countless accessories and products, and are often disappointed by what is out there. Treat them to our luxurious Hair Care Gift Set and let them experience all the benefits of hand-made Ayurvedic hair care. This collection contains the essentials to build an effective, sustainable and enjoyable hair care routine.

This set contains the following products:

  • 30 ml Hair oil
  • 30 ml Shampoo
  • 30 ml Hair conditioner
  • 20 gm Yogi Soap

Check out and buy our stunning Hair Care Gift Set here.

Face Gift Set

Holy Lama | Face Gift Set

Skin is the biggest organ of our body; it protects us against exterior aggressions and evolves with us throughout our life. The skin on our face is especially prone to damage and harm as it’s not shielded by clothes so is left even more exposed. This means you need to protect it in a different way to the rest of your skin. We believe everyone’s skin deserves to be taken care of and pampered in order to remain looking and feeling good, which is why we have created our sumptuous Face Gift Set. It contains all the essentials to build a pleasurable and effective skincare routine.

This set contains the following products:

  • 30 ml Cleansing lotion
  • 30 ml Face wash
  • 20 g Face cream
  • 20 g Face pack

Check out and buy our lush Face Care Gift Set here.

Ayurvedic Massage Oil Gift Set

Ayurvedic Massage Oil Gift Set | Holy Lama

Everyone needs an opportunity to let go and relax for a bit every so often. So, gift your loved ones with a moment of true relaxation and pleasure with our luxurious massage oils. This opulent set comprises 4 different oils composed of a fine blend of high-quality sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and other essential oils. All 4 oils can be used for massage or as everyday body oils. Each of our massage oils has its own characteristic fragrance to enhance any mood.

The gift set includes 30ml bottles of each of the following massage oils:

  • Bliss – The scent of rosemary, clary sage and lemon gives you a heavenly experience.
  • Enhance – Jasmine, ylang ylang and lemon keep thoughts calm and stable.
  • Ever fresh – Petitgrain oil, orange oil and patchouli oil help you be mentally sharp and determined in thought.
  • Relaxation – Rosemary, basil and eucalyptus help restore vitality to body, mind and spirit.

Find this sweet collection here.

Handmade Natural Herbal Soap Gift Pack

Handmade Natural Herbal Soap Gift Pack | Holy Lama

Holy Lama’s natural handmade soaps are well-known for their luxurious feel and delicious fragrance. All of our soaps are made of a fine blend of essential oils and coconut oil to consistently deliver perfectly fragranced and high-quality soaps. Each soap comes beautifully packaged in a hand-made Areca palm tree leaf shell, making it an environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternative to plastic packaging. All four of our best-selling handmade, aromatic, coconut oil soaps are included in this beautiful set.

This gift set includes the following soaps:

  • Yogi Soap - with tulsi and neem
  • Kewra Soap - with turmeric
  • Curcuma Soap - with vetivert
  • Rainforest Soap - with bergamot and patchouli

Find this delicious collection here.

Travel Toiletries Gift Set

Travel Toiletry Gift Set | Holy Lama

Need the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go? Check out our Travel Toiletries Gift Set! This small but mighty set is the ideal emergency supply kit for a weekend getaway. Everything you require for the ideal start to a new day on an exciting trip away from home is included in the kit. This bundle comes with a handmade, environmentally responsible travel bag made from discarded, dried coconut palm leaves.

This gift set contains the following products:

  • 30 ml Shower gel
  • 30 ml Shampoo
  • 20 g Hair conditioner
  • 30 ml Body lotion

Find this lovely collection here.

Luxury Bath Pack Gift Set

Luxury Bath Pack Gift Set | Holy Lama

At Holy Lama, we believe that everyone deserves a little bit of pampering and self-care, which is why we have created our beloved Luxury Bath Pack Gift Set. This one-of-a-kind set is composed of everything you need for a relaxing time in the tub, such as bath oil, massage oil and more. Offer the gift of true relaxation this Christmas with the ultimate bath time treat!

This gift set contains the following products:

  • 50g Yogi soap
  • 50ml Revitalising massage oil
  • 20g Natural face & body pack
  • 30ml Chaitanya bath oil
  • 1 vetivert root scrubber

Find this fun collection here.

Hopefully, this handy present guide will help you find the perfect gift for the people you love (or for yourself!). Visit our website to discover our wide range of Spice Drops® and Body Care products.

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