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Plastic Free Ayurvedic Soaps

The damage plastic can do is finally hitting home for governments around the world, forcing them and businesses to act. Since the beginning, Holy Lama Naturals has developed skincare products that are not only amazing for skin but also sustainable and friendly to Mother Earth. Handmade in Kerala using cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil,  our soaps are 100% natural. They contain no parabens or harsh chemicals, no animal fats, are ethically sourced and are registered with the vegan society.  Their palm leaf packaging is entirely natural too, made from leaves shed by the areca palm.


The base for all the soaps is cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and these soaps are moulded by hand into the attractive round soap bars.  The delicious, long-lasting fragrances of all the Holy Lama products come from unique combinations of superior essential oils, known to help balance mind, body and soul, using ancient Ayurvedic principles.    Another great thing about the soaps is that they don’t crack or go mushy like many others do.

Our Ayurvedic Soaps include:

  • Yogi Soap  this benefits from the unique properties of Ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals, neem and tulsi, both of which have natural antibacterial properties
  • Kewra (coconut oil) Soap – offers an invigorating and rejuvenating oriental floral scent
  • Curcuma (turmeric) Soap – harnesses turmeric’s natural antibacterial properties
  • Rainforest (vetivert) Soap – provides a natural cooling effect for all over freshness


Each soap is beautifully presented in a tactile, handmade shell made from the leaf of the areca palm tree.  These leaves are shed by the tree regularly, rather than picked, and are moulded to form a sustainable and eco-friendly ‘oyster-like’ protective case.  The paper tags on the soaps are handstitched and environmentally friendly too.

The ingredients used in all the soaps are of the finest quality and all sourced primarily from local farmers in Kerala or elsewhere in India, many of whom have had relations with the company going back over 70 years.  The factory’s sustainable model ensures there is less than 1% wastage in production and any waste is used as fuel or cattle feed, making the company’s carbon footprint exceptionally low.

Holy Lama Naturals is also a Kerala Government recognised women’s enterprise, where over 80% of the workforce are women, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds.  They may have been widowed, deserted by a partner, abused or left as a single parent, and under normal circumstances would have been rejected in a traditionally male dominated society.  Work at the factory provides these women with much-needed self-confidence and financial independence.

So, what are you waiting for?  Treat yourself, and the planet, to 100% natural, beautifully fragranced and luxuriously foaming soaps from Holy Lama Naturals – truly something to get in a lather about!

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