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Bars and Pubs: How Spice Drops Can Grow Your Business

If you’re a bartender or mixologist, here are a few reasons why you should start using Spice Drops in your drinks behind the bar!

For drinks and cooking alike, Holy Lama Spice Drops are exceptionally easy to use. Our liquid spice extracts bring food and drink to life. Spice Drops are the modern spice rack: functional and delicious enough for commercial use as well as in personal kitchens.

Spice Drops are ethically made, sustainably produced, and carefully extracted to keep the active ingredients of the spices and herbs. They are certified vegan and gluten-free too, so there are no downsides to using them compared to a traditional spice.

Did you know you can adapt any recipe to Spice Drops? Our Ratio Chart works it out for you. Find refreshing cocktails and other drinks examples in our Drinks & Smoothies recipe section.

Here are a few reasons why bars and pubs are using Spice Drops in their menus.

Save storage and counter space

In the kitchen and behind the bar, Spice Drops take up far less space than the dry spice or fresh herb equivalents. As the spice is already extracted and the flavour is active, you simply need to drop it in without any grinding, chopping, shredding, or other time-consuming prep. Keeping all the fresh taste and natural goodness of the spice, you can either use our standard 5ml Spice Drops (with droppers – handy behind the bar!) or purchase the 100ml Catering size for even better value.

Spice up the details

With the time and space saved by using Spice Drops, you can pay more attention to the delicious details of your menu – such as your ice cubes. Spice up everything from the water pitcher and iced coffees, to cocktails and punch bowls. You could even spice up ice to be crushed too. Vanilla, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon, or even red chilli could add the finishing touch.

Stay consistent

Each batch of Spice Drops is formulated to keep the flavour consistent, so you can rely on the same intensity of flavour. Your customers can enjoy the same delicious result again and again. Plus, the flavours are available year round. The reliability of Spice Drops will make your business costs and ingredient needs more predictable.

Let customers mix their own flavours

When flavours are easy to mix and enjoy, your customers can get creative, too. You could give customers the option to pick their own flavours for syrups or liquors. It’s not limited to drinks, either. Spice Drops are perfect for dips, dressings, and other sauces. The next time there’s a major sporting event, you could celebrate each team with its own custom dip flavour. You’ll easily expand your menu as well as engage your customers with new flavours and options.

Simplify staff training

Whether it’s drinks or food, consistency is key. Prepping ingredients the right way adds another level of staff training. With Spice Drops, the process is simpler and this makes training staff to follow your recipes simpler too.

You’ll also save time on purchasing, prep, and washing, meaning your staff can get orders out quicker and focus on the profit-making parts of your business.

Offer more variety than ever

Spice Drops add flexibility to your menu that traditional spices can’t offer. By using less space and requiring no prep, Spice Drops encourage creative combinations. (Explore recipes using even just one drop of a flavour.) As the flavour intensity is designed for personal as well as commercial use, you can make a single cocktail or flavour a barrel using the same extract.

Spice Drops also make it easy to offer limited edition and seasonal flavours, as the combination of low cost, easy experimentation, and simple training makes it viable.

Batch your drinks

Make multiple cocktails or a large pitcher with ease, as Spice Drops make it simple to scale production of your drinks. Mulled wine for 20 people? No problem. The drops are concentrated, taking up little space so you won’t need to have an entire pantry at hand. It’s ideal for large parties or catering too.

Add another product to your shelves

The delicious fresh taste will have your customers asking you what your secret is… If you want to share what makes your menu so delicious, you can sell Spice Drops directly from your shelves. Our Cocktail Spice Drops Collection could be a good start. Just contact us at to discuss wholesale.

Spice Drops can save you money, save your staff time, expand your menu, diversify your boxed products, and wow your customers with consistent quality. With over 30 delicious flavours, you’ll find something for every taste.

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