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Celebrate National Curry Week With Spice Drops

National Curry Week is always the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in the nation’s favourite cuisine and celebrate the flavours of India by getting creative in the kitchen, all in the comfort of your home! 

Curry Week began in 1998 to help raise money for poverty-focused charities and to celebrate the growing Indian restaurant industry – for years curries were loved and enjoyed by people all over the country and that love has only grown as time has gone on. Curries have now become an integral part of British culture, as we rejoice in the wonderfully diverse cultures across the world, enjoyed right here in the UK. Did you know the curry industry contributes over £5bn to the British economy every year?


Keep calm and curry on

Curries are so easy to make – they’re a one-pot dish after all – and we love simplicity at Holy Lama Spice Drops. All it comes down to is essentially starting with some oil in a pan, throwing in some sliced onions and minced garlic, your main ingredient, be it chicken or chickpeas and not forgetting, of course, those all-important spices for flavour. Tomatoes or tomato puree also is key to giving it that saucy consistency. Then serve with naan bread or rice, or anything else that tickles your fancy. We’ve provided you with plenty of curry recipes to try right here. Some people are turned off by having to have so many spices on hand to make a curry. One of the many benefits of opting for Spice Drops over traditional herbs and spices is that they are mess-free! They also take up much less space than traditional spices, save time and faff, and reduce food waste!

Want to make an easy curry recipe at home? You know you can’t go wrong with a classic Chicken Tikka Masala recipe, after all it is one of the top favourite curries in the UK. Why not try it here.


Curry essentials

Do you like your curry recipe with a little heat or are you a plain jane? (We don’t judge!) Regardless of your preference on the Scoville scale, there are some key ingredients a curry can’t go without. Turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander and garam masala are a great starting point, throw in at least one of these and you’re sure to win over your family and friends with your delicious dish. 

We make cooking curries even easier with our handy Curry Collection box which comes packed with 4 natural extracts: garam masala spices, turmeric, cumin seeds and coriander seeds so you can rest assured you’ve got the curry creating must-haves in your kitchen. With this in your cupboards, you’re naan-stoppable!


We’d love to hear about your curries!

If you use our Spice Drops in your flavoursome curry creation, email us a photo or tag us @holylamaspicedrops on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see what you make! #spicedrops #holylamaspicedrop

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