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Why should I use Spice Drops?

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops


Why should I use Spice Drops?

Food and drink is a ritual, rich in history and culture. It bonds us together with friends and family, can connect us to our heritage, represent an important aspect of our beliefs or values, and at its best, is an art. Holy Lama Spice Drops bring food and drink to life. These natural liquid extracts are the spice rack of the future.

Say goodbye to tired, messy powders. Spice Drops are ethically made, sustainably produced, and carefully extracted to keep the active ingredients of the spices and herbs. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love using Spice Drops in your kitchen.

Enjoy a long shelf-life

Every Spice Drops extract starts with quality ingredients. When stored correctly, Spice Drops can be stored for up to three years! Have you ever had a head of garlic last that long? The long shelf life means you can use and store flavours you don’t use often without wasting leftover spice.

Add instant fresh taste at any part of the cooking process

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

Imagine you’re entertaining family and friends, and do a final taste check of the soup. Turns out it needs a little extra something! Just a couple drops of Spice Drops, mix in, and it’s ready to serve without simmering or making a mess.

Spice Drops can be added at any part of the cooking process. This makes it flexible and easy to use. For example, you could cook a large batch of soup, porridge, or rice and add individual flavour to smaller portions! Or make a delicious curry for the family, and only add the chilli to the adult portions.

The flavour is consistent

Every batch of Spice Drops is mixed to keep the flavour consistent. All of the ingredients are vegan-friendly, including the emulsifier which ensures each drop contains the right amount of flavour.

Dry spices and dried herbs lose their flavour over time, and it can be difficult to know how old they are unless you’ve dried them yourself. Spice Drops are formulated to keep a consistent flavour from batch to batch so you can cook with ease and enjoy reliable, consistent flavour.

It’s quicker to cook and clean, with less mess

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

Which side would you rather clean up: left or right?

Cooking good food doesn’t have to mean making a mess. Spice Drops add instant fresh taste. Really! All you have to do is open the cap and add the drops. You’ll have less to wash up, and your counters and stovetop won’t get covered in dry spices. The moments you save cleaning up can be used on spending time with family and friends instead. And your culinary masterpiece will taste at least as good, if not better.

And you can use Spice Drops in any recipe – use our ratio chart to work out the number of drops you need:

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

Spice Drops are easy to use and fun for all ages

Put away your cutting board, mortar and pestle, measuring spoons, knives, scissors, and scales. Our 5ml Spice Drops bottles come with an easy-to-use dropper. It’s friendly for kids to use, as well as those that find grinding and chopping difficult. Everyone can enjoy the cooking process!

You get the natural goodness of the raw ingredient

The ingredients of Spice Drops are first cold-pressed using rollers. Crushing the spices without heat ensures the vibrant flavours and the active ingredients (such as allicin in garlic) are preserved.  If you add your Drops at the end of the cooking process or even at the table, you can reap the benefits just like with raw ingredients. This is one of the reasons why our Spice Drops are so delicious!

You can free your creativity and experiment

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

When a spice is easy to use, it’s easy to experiment too! Spice Drops are flexible and versatile, so you can experiment with subtle tastes, new combinations, and adding flavour where you don’t want texture – like in whipped cream or in a cocktail. Once you start experimenting, you’ll be looking for places you can add more flavour to your food and drink!

Our Cocktail Spices Collection is a great place to start if you’re a budding mixologist.

Spice Drops are more than just “spices”

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

Spice Drops have flavours beyond traditional dry spices. With over 30 flavours, our range includes spices, herbs, fruit, roots, seeds, flowers, and classic blends like Chai and Tikka Masala. Our flavours are so good and true-to-taste. You don’t need to take just our word for it. Our Spice Drops have won several Great Taste awards; browse our Great Taste winners here.

Every flavour smells so good you can use it as an aroma

Spices don’t just taste nice, they smell nice too. The liquid form of our Spice Drops means they can be used in unusual places – like in an aroma diffuser. Add a drop or two to your diffuser to enjoy delicious scents like rose, cinnamon, and chai. They’re good enough to eat, literally!

Spice Drops are ethical and sustainable

Why you'll loving using Spice Drops

We are recognised in Kerala, India as a government-approved women’s enterprise, where over 80% of our factory workers are women. Like all Holy Lama products, Spice Drops are ethically made and sustainably produced. The farmers who supply us and the staff at our factory are paid fairly and on time. During manufacture, the factory produces less than 1% wastage, and all waste is used as fuel or cattle feed – thus our carbon footprint is exceptionally low!

Spice Drops also help reduce waste in cooking. The extraction process uses as much of the plant as possible, and the long shelf-life means you won’t need to throw away what you haven’t used after just a couple meals. (No more half-lemons need to go to waste!)

Ready to transform your cooking? Shop our collection of Spice Drops here. There are 30+ individual flavours to choose from, as well as ready-picked collections, pick-your-own collections, and catering sizes.

And when you’re stuck for choice, a choice of Spice Drops sample vials is a great way to find your next favourite flavour.


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