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Spice Drops, the range of concentrated extracts of herbs and spices, is adding two new citrus varieties to its portfolio.

The new Orange Spice Drops and Lemon Spice Drops are made from fresh fruits grown and pressed in India. The products have been developed in response to demand from the baking fraternity who find it hard to buy good quality lemon and orange extract, appreciating the speed and convenience of using an extract instead of grating the rind of the actual fruit – four drops of the Orange Spice Drops is the equivalent of the zest of half an orange while only two drops of Lemon Spice Drops equates to the zest of one whole lemon. Both will be available in 5ml bottles (RRP £3.50).

The complete Spice Drops range has been developed to remove the fear of using herbs and spices and to inspire a whole new generation of home cooks and bakers with their easy to use format. The products are made using fresh produce mainly from local farms in Kerala, India, (except for the saffron which is sourced from Iran). They are all natural and contain no salt, sugar or artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives, as well as being gluten free and suitable for vegans.


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