A Choice of sample vials

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Each vial has about 10 drops in them. Don’t forget to mention in the notes at checkout which flavours you wish to try.


A maximum of 10 flavours can be chosen from the following list:

Asafoetida extract
Cardamom extract
Cardamom extract
Cinnamon extract
Clove extract
Coriander seed extract
Cumin extract
Fennel extract
Garam Masala extract
Garlic extract
Ginger extract
Lemon zest oil
Lemongrass extract
Lovage seed extract
Mace extract
Mulled wine
Nutmeg extract
Orange zest oil
Orange zest oil
Pepper extract
Peppermint extract
Red Chilli extract
Rose extract
Saffron extract
Saffron Milk Masala extract
Sage Extract
Rosemary Extract
Oregano Extract
Lavender Extract
Tikka masala
Tulsi extract
Turmeric extract
Vanilla extract
Lime zest oil

Happy experimenting!

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