Here is How Our Spice Drops Will Help Your NPD

Holy Lama Naturals produces concentrated, high-quality natural extracts of spices and herbs. We work with selected food and drink manufacturers who are keen on quick, new product development with unique, exciting, and on-trend flavours.

  • Smooth and consistent in taste and texture. 
  • Fresh tasting flavours with long shelf life. 
  • Provides easy scalability and automation of recipes. 
  • Reduce wastage hence reducing costs. 
  • Water & oil soluble options available. 
  • Pure oleoresins and Ayurvedic herbal extracts are available. 

Our Spice Drops are free from allergens, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, alcohol, GMO, gluten, sugar and salt. They are vegan certified. Download our Manufacturers Brochure.

Please email us if you would like some samples to experience our amazing products:

Add Unique Flavours to Your Products

Add fresh and unique flavours to your products. Our Spice Drops are a great ingredient for manufacturers of oils, sauces, chocolate, alcohol, and many other products in the food & drink industry.

spice drops to flavour oils
spice drops for sauces
spice drops for chocolate
drink manufacturing with spice drops
spice drops for gin flavouring

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