The belief that ‘beauty comes from within’ is an underlying current throughout Ayurvedic medicine. Even when treatments are purely medicinal, they can act double-duty as a beauty treatment simply by giving you a natural glow. When nature has everything we need to be healthy, why resort to anything else?

The Holy Lama Naturals ethos means our products are plant-based, ethically made, and sustainably produced. Our formulas are based on traditional Ayurvedic treatments and are vegan-friendly. Natural beauty should never come at the cost of Mother Earth or of the people who make it.

Here are some natural beauty treatments that you can add to your routine to feel and look beautiful, inside and out.

Moisturise with coconut oil (face and body)

Coconut oil on its own is moisturising and not too heavy, so most of us can use it as a gentle facial moisturiser. The consistency and low melting temperature make it perfect as the base for face masks, too.

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Keep your hands happy

Prevention is the best cure. Getting clean, including hand washing, doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals or additives. You’ll avoid dry, cracked skin by taking care of it on a daily basis. Curcumin, the natural compound found in turmeric, has natural antibacterial properties. With the right base (such as coconut oil, which is the base of our ranges) you can clean your hands without stripping them of moisture.

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Protect your hair

When your hair gets too dry, it gets brittle. And if your scalp is unhealthy and itchy, it’s hard to keep your hair looking its best. It all starts with a good hair care routine. You can’t skip on good hair and scalp care. Coconut oil on its own can moisturise your scalp, nourish dry hair, and cleanse. Hair oils like our Herbal Hair Oil add extra benefits to boost the cleansing, moisturising, and protective qualities. We recommend applying hair oil before swimming, and after activities like being by the BBQ or colour treatments which can dry your hair.

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Learn the art of self-massage

As well as the physical properties of improving circulation (which helps your skin glow and heal), massage has proven benefits to reduce stress and anxiety. Ayurvedic medicine has used massage for millennia. Learning some self-massage can recreate the spa experience at home. Use your favourite oil and work up from your feet to your face.

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Tone your face with rose water

Rosewater smells good and feels refreshing, but it’s much more than just a mental boost or perfume. Rose water is cooling and helps keep your skin soft and supple. Rose water is the most gentle of all astringents, and the best skin toner. It’s also perfect for mixing with a face pack to treat oily skin.

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Fuel your beauty from the inside

The mind and body are linked. What you eat affects your mood and your emotions. Your emotions affect your body again in return. It’s a cycle that means it’s important, not only for your appearance, but for your overall well being to think about what you’re eating. Nature has all the goodness we need to look and feel good. One age-old Ayurvedic treatment is curcumin – the active compound of turmeric. You can use it on your skin, but eating it has the most impact. It’s been used in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as a whole host of benefits.

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