Happy National Vegetarian Week!

We celebrate delicious food in all its forms and diets. All Holy Lama products are vegan-friendly. Each one of our 30+ Spice Drops® flavours are vegan certified, so they’re flexible to suit your diet.

Whether you’re veggie full-time or just want to try something new, here are 10 ways to celebrate National Vegetarian Week.

Plant a flower bed

Get your garden ready for BBQ and garden party season with some fresh flower beds. Even if you have only a small patio, pots and raised beds are all you need to enjoy a beautiful seasonal display. The birds and bees will thank you for it! As well as flowers, May is the optimal time to plant plenty of vegetables, too. Leafy salads like mustard greens and Swiss chard can be are easy to grow and can be planted outside now.

When you’re done digging in the dirt, treat your hard-working hands to Holy Lama Naturals Hand Cream.

Invite your friends over for a vegan supper

Bring your friends into the celebration by hosting a vegan supper. After a delicious meal, no one will joke about vegan food being bland ever again. If you’re not a full-time vegan or vegetarian, you might even just convert yourself. Author and cook MsMarmiteLover’s hearty cauliflower and almond curry is a beginner-friendly recipe you could try. Spice Drops add instant fresh taste!

Mix a new cocktail

Many classic cocktails and mocktails are vegan-friendly, like the margarita, mojito, and cosmopolitan. Beyond the classics, there’s a nearly never-ending list of other recipes you can try. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always make up your own mixes! Spice Drops are easy to mix into drinks, so it’s even easier (and less messy) to try new flavours. Our Cocktail Spices Collection of Spice Drops includes some of the most common flavours to get your creative juices (and cocktails) flowing.

Treat your coworkers to some brownies

Celebrate vegetarianism in the way that suits you. This week is for all vegetarian types, not just vegans. Baked treats are often vegetarian, making them ideal to bring to work and ease into the vegetarian conversation. (An ovo-lacto vegetarian, if you weren’t aware, is a veggie that doesn’t eat meats of any type but still consumes eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese.) Your coworkers will love these Chocolate Orange Brownies.

Learn to make Kulfi (Indian ice cream)

If you need a fully vegan treat, traditional Indian ice cream known as Kulfi is easy to make vegan-friendly. If you follow our Kulfi recipe you can trade out the milk with almond milk. It’s the perfect treat for warmer days. Your non-veggie friends won’t even notice it’s vegan unless you tell them!

Nourish your hair

Vegetarianism isn’t all about the food, it’s about the lifestyle. Your hair needs nourishment, too. Our Ayurvedic herbal hair oil is vegan-friendly and ethically made. The gentle, natural ingredients mean you can use it as often as your hair needs it. Like everything at Holy Lama Naturals, it’s completely cruelty-free.

Host a vegetarian film & TV night

Who is your favourite vegetarian character on screen? Whether you prefer Legally Blonde, Star Trek, or want to have a Vidyut Jammwal movie marathon there are plenty of vegetarian leads to choose from. All you need to add to the mix is a tasty snack tray. This roasted red pepper cannellini bean dip is vegan, protein-rich, and – if you’re a Slimming World fan – counted to be syn free!

Eat the season

Be kind to the Earth and enjoy the best flavours by eating seasonal produce. New potatoes, radishes, and delicious salads like rocket and are just some of the tasty produce in season in May. This recipe for lemongrass dressing will add life to salads, tofu, and roasted veg. (Strictly vegan? Just leave out the honey and replace it with your favourite syrup, like agave nectar.)

Get ready for your summer holiday

The summer holidays are right around the corner! Beat the last-minute travel rush by getting ready for your trips now, whether you’re going abroad or enjoying a break close to home. Travelling often takes a toll on our skin, especially air travel. A skincare pack like our Face Boon Gift Set is ideal for taking with you. As well as being travel-sized, our set stores neatly away into a beautiful palm leaf case.

Start a new healthy habit

Make this week a way to try new things, whether you’ve never made a vegetarian supper before or you’ve been a vegan all your life. Starting a healthy habit can be as simple as bringing in a new supplement for your diet. Kermeric is based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, is extracted and blended with piperine and extra virgin coconut oil. This makes it both easy to use and easier for your body to absorb. Mix it in your morning smoothies, porridge, and even use it as a cooking oil.

Follow along with and join the celebrations this week on social media with the hashtag #NationalVegetarianWeek. Let us know how you’re using Spice Drops in your vegetarian cooking by tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!