Launched by the Government of Kerala in 1998 in order to wipe out absolute poverty from the South Indian state through concerted community action under the leadership of Local Self Governments, Kudumbashree is  one of the largest female-empowering projects in the country today.

The programme has 37 lakh members and covers more than 50% of the households in Kerala. Built around three critical components, micro credit, entrepreneurship and empowerment, the Kudumbashree initiative has  succeeded in addressing the basic needs of  less privileged women, providing them with a more dignified life and a better future.

The literal meaning of Kudumbashree is prosperity (shree) of family (Kudumbam).

Holy Lama Naturals is a proud part of this movement and is a Government backed women’s enterprise. We employ women from our local community and also outsource work to the women who carry out packing and stitching for us from their own homes -all part of the cottage industry.

Unfortunately in India most women face a tough life when widowed or deserted by their partners  At Holy Lama Naturals, we’ve predominantly employed  such women,in order  to give them security, confidence and hope in life. Our female workers are now capable of leading and taking care of their families knowing that they have their factory family to support them.

If you visit Kerala ,you must play a visit our factory  only then you will see the smile on our women’s faces, the twinkle in their eyes  and the hope in their hearts,and hear the confidence in their voices!

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