Body Care

Full-Body Natural Beauty

19 June

The belief that ‘beauty comes from within’ is an underlying current throughout Ayurvedic medicine. Even when treatments are purely medicinal, they can act double-duty as a beauty treatment simply by giving you a natural glow. When nature has everything we need to be healthy, why resort to anything else? The Holy Lama Naturals ethos means […]


Plastic Free Ayurvedic Soaps

31 May

The damage plastic can do is finally hitting home for governments around the world, forcing them and businesses to act. Since the beginning, Holy Lama Naturals has developed skincare products that are not only amazing for skin but also sustainable and friendly to Mother Earth. Handmade in Kerala using cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil,  […]



04 November

Hand-made soap is technically glycerin soap – very different from industrial soap. In the hand-made soap process, an excess of fat is used to consume alkalis, and the glycerin is not harvested out. This super-fatted soap is more skin-friendly than industrial soap. Natural soaps use vegetable oil fats – just like our coconut oil soap. […]