What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, was first developed in India over 3,000 years ago. It is a holistic healing approach that interprets health and wellness as a perfect balance between the mind, body, and spirit. It prioritises prevention and the promotion of good health rather than fighting or curing disease.  The three doshas […]

There are many benefits of using spices in the kitchen. Whether you want to improve the taste of your meals or get a health boost, spices are a great way to condiment your favorite recipes. What ingredients go well with each spice? What recipes can you make using spices? In this post, we will share […]

What is Ayurveda?  Ayurveda is a practice that takes a holistic approach to achieve health and wellness. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It is recently starting to become popular in occidental cultures. Ayurveda heals the body and the mind. It has a sister practice, yoga, that heals the spirit. How is […]

Looking for gin flavouring ideas to spice up your cocktail recipe list this year? We’ve got you covered. We all love a classic gin and tonic but sometimes you just want to mix things up with more exciting gin flavourings. Using just a few flavours of Spice Drops®, you can create a whole range of […]

The elixir of the gods, our friend in good times and bad, the secret to a life well-lived; Chocolate. Chocolate should be an integral part of everyone’s diet (choc-haters, we do not understand you). Us chocolate lovers know all too well that chocolate comes in all different shapes and sizes, with different tastes and flavours […]

How many times have you read blog posts about the amazing skin-benefits from eating avocados and the like? If you’re anything like us, then you’ll be the first to click on a video about the top foods that you should be eating for healthy skin. And yet, if you’re anything like us, you haven’t always […]

Did you start 2022 with a hangover? Feeling like you’ve had a few too much wine and bubbly? Christmas is over and let’s be honest; we’ve all probably had far too much food and definitely a few too many drinks (I know I have!). For many January is a time to detox and invigorate our […]

Welcome to this Christmas’s ultimate gift guide, the countdown is officially on! We know how tough choosing presents for everyone is, so this year we’ve done the hard work for you! Explore our handpicked gifts – whether you’re looking for gifts for your mum, sister, partner or a good Secret Santa present, we bet you’ll […]

Short, highball, blended – the world of cocktails is wide and with the help of Holy Lama Spice Drops® natural extracts, it has never been easier to discover! So roll your sleeves up, get behind the bar at home and let’s get mixing!

“The foundation of yoga should be Ayurveda and the fruits of Ayurveda, yoga.” David Frawley, Founder of American Institute of Vedic Studies. Today, most of us have heard of Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. We’ve probably all attended a Yoga class (or meant to!), taken an ayurvedic quiz to discover our dosha (are you vata, pitta […]

2020 may not have been the summer we expected with the you-know-what-situation, but maybe this new 10pm curfew could be a perfect way to embrace cosy nights in as we transition into the Autumn. You could find yourself neglecting your skin in the Autumn and Winter seasons but it’s crucial to take great care of […]

National Curry Week is always the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in the nation’s favourite cuisine and celebrate the flavours of India by getting creative in the kitchen, all in the comfort of your home! Curry Week began in 1998 to help raise money for poverty-focused charities and to celebrate the growing Indian restaurant […]

It’s Zero Waste Week from September 4th – 10th, but we believe the world should be about zero waste every day of the year. That’s why Holy Lama is proud to be a 100% recyclable and low waste company. Zero Waste Week urges us all to live in a more sustainable way, wasting less (with […]

The 2020 series of Great British Bake Off will be making a return to our screens after being successfully filmed, despite the odds, and Holy Lama Spice Drops® is hoping to make it a hattrick with a finalist using one of our products for a third year in a row! In the 2018 series, Kim-Joy […]

Spices are usually a big no-no when you have oxalates in your body. But cooking with a wide variety of no oxalate spices is possible with Spice Drops! Oxalates – no, not a trendy new coffee promoted by your friendly barista, but a simple molecule found in many plants and fruits we eat and especially […]

Huge congratulations to David Atherton for being crowned winner at this year’s Great British Bake Off. The international health advisor from London remained calm in a nail-biting final in which Holy Lama Spice Drops® played a part.    Judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith looked on and remarked on how chilled David appeared and how, of […]

For drinks and cooking alike, Holy Lama Spice Drops are exceptionally easy to use. Our liquid spice extracts bring food and drink to life. Spice Drops are the modern spice rack, functional and delicious enough for commercial use as well as in personal kitchens. Spice Drops are ethically made, sustainably produced, and carefully extracted to […]

The damage plastic can do is finally hitting home for governments around the world, forcing them and businesses to act. Since the beginning, Holy Lama Naturals has developed skincare products that are not only amazing for skin but also sustainable and friendly to Mother Earth. Handmade in Kerala using cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil,  […]

Ever since the history of Kerala has been down in writing, it has never been without a mention of its spices. Dating back to thousands of years in the past, Kerala’s fame throughout the world for its spices has given it veritable monopoly over the market. In particular, Musri, an ancient Keralite port, became the […]

It may seem as though adding spices to chocolate is a new trend, but in fact the fashion for adding spices and flavours to chocolate goes back thousands of years. The Mayans and Aztecs Chocolate was a prized luxury item in Mayan and Aztec cultures, where a bitter drink made from the Cacao beans was […]

Fresh from revealing its contemporary new packaging Spice Drops, the unique range of concentrated extracts of herbs and spices is adding two new citrus varieties to the collection – Orange Spice Drops and Lemon Spice Drops. Both are made from fresh fruits grown and pressed in India and have been developed in response to demand […]

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be at the Embankment Summer Market 2016 from July 15th. As ist.co.uk describes it: ‘The distinctly-glamorous Embankment Summer Market is a unique, must-go event in a wonderfully scenic location on the North bank of the Thames. With about 180 carefully-selected stalls selling a huge range of beautiful things including […]

January is a month for predictions as well as resolutions and, whilst the good intentions can come and go all-too fast, we have a whole year to see whether what the industry experts predict in terms of food trends for 2016 come good. The team at Beef Magazine has summed up what it believes to […]

We’ve been incredibly busy here at Spice Drops® HQ over the last couple of months, what with the new logo, amazing new packaging, and attending Birmingham’s Food & Drink Expo. And we’ve been thrilled with all the positive feedback we’ve received, along with interest from various chefs and mixologists. We’ve also had a new addition […]

This year, the dates for Palm Sunday and Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors, coincided. As we’ve now celebrated the Vernal Equinox and the ‘official’ beginning of spring, Easter is just a week away – so we’ve reflected on what we could share with you that would make the perfect Spice Drops® Easter menu. We […]

With less than a week until the start of Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 (29 February -13 March this year), the Spice Drops® team is gearing up for what we hope will be a fantastic fortnight of news, events and food. This year, the focus is on the Big Fairtrade Breakfast in the hope that,as you sit […]

  This Fruity Tea Masala Cake utilities a basic sponge method, but takes it to far more exotic heights. This cake is perfect served hot from the oven as a warming autumnal dessert. Home-made vanilla ice-cream would be my preferred accompaniment, but it’s also gorgeous served cold with a little whipped double cream. Who am […]

Theobroma cacao, chocolate’s Latin name for chocolate, means ‘Food of the Gods’ for a reason. In honor of Chocolate Week (12-18 October), here is some  trivia about one of the most popular super foods ever. A new study suggests that eating certain varieties of chocolate can help you stay thin (I wish I had known this […]

Guest post by Victoria Slater First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Holy Lama for inviting me to write a guest post. The team was intrigued when I shared my  love for cardamom, and how I was trying to grow it at home with other herbs. Having been introduced […]

Contributed by Laura Hammett Ingredients: 300ml whole milk 175ml double cream  100g caster sugar 5 free-range egg yolks 2 tbsp orange blossom honey 1 tsp vanilla extract a dash of lemon juice Rose Spice Drops®, to taste a few drops pink gel food coloring METHOD Place the milk and cream in a large saucepan and set […]

Serves: 4 They take just under 30 minutes from the start until they are ready to be served. They can be made non-gluten-free using standard self-raising flour. Ingredients 100g gluten-free self-raising flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground ginger 100g caster sugar 100g unsalted butter, softened 2 large free-range eggs 3 pieces of stem ginger, […]

Contributed by Peta Mandleberg Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large onion, peeled and finely chopped 4 sticks celery, trimmed and finely chopped 600 g Arborio rice 250 ml white vermouth 2 bunches asparagus, trimmed 400 g frozen peas 700 ml organic vegetable or chicken stock 50 g butter 50 g Parmesan cheese freshly grated […]

With the weather being so hot, it’s time to make some lovely cardamom ice cream. Here’s a simple recipe by Laura Hammett Ingredients: 5 large egg yolks 120g caster sugar 250ml double cream 250ml whole milk Cardamom Spice Drops®, to taste METHOD In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar to a pale, […]

Research indicates that flavored tea is fast becoming the new trend in the tea world. What if you could make your flavored tea without the hassle of tea bags, loose tea, and the whole brewing process? You can: all you need are Holy Lama Spice Drops®. A drop each of Ginger  Lemon-grass Spice Drops®  and a little squeeze of lemon juice makes […]

A great friend and supporter was telling another friend about our Spice Drops® at a dinner party, and heard about the BNTS competition and how it is designed to give  small producers with unique products a leg-up whilst simultaneously enhancing Ocado’s own ranges. My friend called me and urged me to apply. Holy Lama Naturals […]

Launched by the Government of Kerala in 1998 in order to wipe out absolute poverty from the South Indian state through concerted community action under the leadership of Local Self Governments, Kudumbashree is  one of the largest female-empowering projects in the country today. The programme has 37 lakh members and covers more than 50% of […]

My memories of turmeric take me back to my childhood days when my father used to come back from the factory with his skin and clothing dyed bright yellow  bringing the aroma of curcumin with him. We would instantly  know  that he  been near the boiler extracting curcumin from the spice’s  roots. My mom would […]

Hand-made soap is technically glycerin soap – very different from industrial soap. In the hand-made soap process, an excess of fat is used to consume alkalis, and the glycerin is not harvested out. This super-fatted soap is more skin-friendly than industrial soap. Natural soaps use vegetable oil fats – just like our coconut oil soap. […]

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