Research indicates that flavored tea is fast becoming the new trend in the tea world.

What if you could make your flavored tea without the hassle of tea bags, loose tea, and the whole brewing process?

You can: all you need are Holy Lama Spice Drops®. A drop each of Ginger  Lemon-grass Spice Drops®  and a little squeeze of lemon juice makes one of my favorite refreshing teas.

Benefits of Spice Drops®  include:

  • Caffeine free
  • No tea bags – reducing waste and cost
  • Minimal storage space
  • 29 flavors to choose from
  • Simple and convenient
  • Versatile – add to savory or sweet dishes,  bakes, yoghurt, or cocktails
  •  3- year shelf -life  which reduces waste
  • Great ingredients provenance
  • Ethically -made.

What are you waiting for?