Ayurvedic Lip Balm

LIP BALM (Cera alba & Cocoa Butter)

Holy Lama Naturals Lip Balm is an all season lip care balm. Moisturizes your lips and leaves a slight gloss like a kiss of strawberries in the sun.


Holy Lama Naturals Lip Balm is an all-season lip care product which moisturizes your lips and leaves them with an attractive sheen


Cera alba
Cocoa Butter
Sesame oil
Sweet Almond oil
Jojoba oil
Virgin coconut oil
Kokum Butter
Ceteareth 6
Ceteareth 25
Cetostearyl alcohol
Hydrogenated Castor oil
Vitamin E
Strawberry Extract
Raspberry color

Net weight: 10 gm



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